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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

When in LA:
Jeffrey Hunter's Star on the Walk Of Fame is located on Hollywood Blvd almost directly across the street from the Chinese Theater. It was placed there as part of the initial installation of stars which began on Feb 8th, 1960 and took 2-3 years.  For a photo of the Star, click here.                                      

"Jeffrey Hunter: The Film, Television, Radio and Stage Performances
", the long-awaited book by Paul Green with a foreword by Robert Wagner, has been published by McFarland! For more information about the book, see this page. To order a copy signed by the author, contact Paul at pgreen21@verizon.net .

"Jeff had kindness in his heart and in his soul."
         ..... Actor and frequent co-star Robert Wagner, from the Foreword to Paul Green's book

"Without sounding smug, I've always felt that you have to be well prepared when old man opportunity comes knocking. I always wanted to be an actor, and so I did everything possible to prepare myself for my career."
         ..... Jeffrey Hunter

"Be natural, sincere and honest on and off screen and stage or radio. A good acting job must come from the mind and heart." ... Advice for aspiring actors.
         ..... Jeffrey Hunter

"He was the finest, most decent man I've ever known."
         ..... Longtime friend Lee Riordan

"Despite his looks and talent, there was nothing of the snob about Hank. His voice was quiet and gentle and his manners came right out of the Civil War South."
         ..... Friend Don Kreger

Welcome to jeffreyhunter.net!

Jeffrey Hunter, born Hank McKinnies, was a fine actor.  His career spanned a wide range of roles: from a college frat-boy in Take Care of My Little Girl to a cavalry officer with a conscience in Custer of the West; from a brilliant scientist who drives himself insane in Brainstorm to a high-tech spy in Dimension 5; from a dashing prince of Baghdad in Princess of the Nile to real-life World War II heroes, in Hell to Eternity and The Longest Day, as well as fictional heroes, in Sailor of the King and In Love and War; from cowboys in the Old West - in Gun for a Coward and several other films - to Indian warriors in White Feather and Seven Cities of Gold.  He acted opposite some of the greatest screen actors of his day, including John Wayne (in The Searchers) and Spencer Tracy (in The Last Hurrah).  He also performed in many 1950's radio dramas and made numerous appearances on television series, especially during the 1960's - including a role as a serial killer (!) on the very first episode of the popular series The FBI.  He also starred as a frontier lawyer in his own series, Temple Houston, on NBC-TV during the 1963-64 season. Perhaps his most unforgettable role was as Jesus Christ in the film King of Kings, though many fans first discovered Jeffrey Hunter as the iconic first captain of the starship USS Enterprise - Christopher Pike, in the early days of Star Trek.

This website is dedicated with love and gratitude to Jeffrey Hunter, whose work as an actor, and whose untimely death in 1969, touched the lives of so many.

With Siobhan McKenna in King of Kings (1961)

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A big Thank You to our friend Todd for the five new images on the King of Kings page!  All of these are from the Sermon on the Mount scene on the Blu-Ray disk.  Happy Easter to all!

Added photos to the Sailor of the King page, the Three Young Texans page, and the ¡Viva America! page.  Happy Holidays to Jeff's fans all over the world!

Great news for Jeff's fans in the Chicago area - his early film Julius Caesar will be screened at Northwestern University's Block Museum of Art on October 2nd!  Jeff has an uncredited role and appeared with others from Northwestern's theater department, including Charlton Heston.  The event announcement can be read here.

The Radio page has been completely revamped and should now work in all browsers.  If you haven't listened to Jeff's radio programs yet, please do check them out - they are a joy to listen to!

Several photos were added:  four to the King of Kings page, two to the Cover Photos page, one to the White Feather page, and three to the Temple Houston page.  Happy Easter to all!

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Added two photos to the Sailor of the King page, two to the Color Photos page, and four to the White Feather page.  Enjoy!

  July 2011
The book "Jeffrey Hunter and Temple Houston: A Story of Network Television", written by our friend Glenn Mosley, is available for sale at amazon.com and many other fine booksellers.
With Dan Dailey in Call Me Mister (1951)
With Natalie Wood and John Wayne in The Searchers (1956)

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